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2016 Annual Summer Hike2015 Christmas Toy DriveTeam F.A.M. Meridian Middle School

2016 Annual Summer Hike

Every summer G.E.M. takes a trip to Rattlesnake Ridge for a hike and conversation at the top of the mountain.

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2015 Christmas Toy Drive

G.E.M. was honored to be a sponsor and supporter of the 2015 Christmas Toy Drive in Kent WA.

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Team F.A.M. Meridian Middle School

G.E.M. has formed a partnership with the Kent School District and is now offering mentoring at: Meridian Middle School and Meeker Middle School. With outreach to over 60 young men in total.

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Service Menu and Program Overview

Mission Statement

The Glover EmpowerMentoring Program is a community based nonprofit organization that offers mentoring to young adults in an around Kent WA and South King County. Working together with the City of Kent and other various community based organizations G.E.M. seeks to provide mentoring, academic tutoring, and life skills. G.E.M.’s mission is: To inform, interact, and inspire young adults.

Vision Statement

Through holistic mentoring every young adult is empowered to be principled, responsible, critical thinkers who affect positive change in their community.


Mentoring is a one-to-one caring, supportive relationship between a mentor and a protégé that is based on trust. Mentoring increases the likelihood of regular school attendance and academic achievement and decreases the chances of engaging in self-destructive and negative behavior. A trusting relationship with a caring adult provides stability for a young adult and often has profound, life-changing effects.

Community Mentoring

G.E.M. hosts and facilitates weekly community mentoring session to young adults within the community. These weekly group sessions focus on: local & national topics, poll topics through mentors and mentees, mental health, and education. The goal is to start relevant conversations that youth will take back into their school, home, and community to continue the conversation and spark change.

After-school Mentoring

G.E.M. provides after-school mentoring at both the middle and high school level. Similar to our community mentoring model, G.E.M.’s mentors dialogue and engage youth in a wide range of topics that are relevant to participant’s life and liberty. The goal is to engage youth where they are and encourage growth and development.

In-school Mentoring

G.E.M. provides in-school mentoring in the form of weekly group sessions held during student’s advisor or home-room period. This model of mentoring allows mentors to be present at the youth’s school to offer support and provide educational advocacy for student and family. The goal is to engage youth in their educational setting and encourage growth and development.

Education Programing

Through a holistic approach through class room, community presentations, workshops, conferences, trainings, and seminars, G.E.M. understands and helps others in understanding the importance of successful mentoring. The goal is to focus on education as a tool to empower young adults to leadership positions within their school, home, and community.

Leadership Academy

Through this unique intense form of mentoring, participants engage in self-identity, self-awareness, and self-respect. This eight week program is designed to meet young adults where they are at and build self-esteem to elevate them to a different mindset. The goal is for young adults to leave this program with a better sense you themselves and give back by paying it forward.

Academic Enhancement

G.E.M. provides in schooled youth with peer tutors to help enhance their already eager learning abilities. Young adults will have the opportunity to ask clarifying questions, dive deeper into subject matter, and gain an understanding of work to strengthen their productivity. The goal is for in schooled youth to become comfortable with learning.

Prevention Programing

G.E.M. understands that it’s better to be proactive than reactive. By providing young adults with preventive programming G.E.M. seeks to assure a quality and sustainable pathway to success for our participants. The goal of our focus on prevention is safety and resilience and to build competencies that will allow youth to overcome the challenges they face and to excel in every area of life.

Life Skills

To cope with the increasing pace and change rate of modern life, youth need a strong command of life skills to effectively navigate our evolving world. From the basic of skills like; reading, writing, and communication to gaining an advance skill set like; financial literacy, adulthood maturity, decision making and problem solving and more. G.E.M. offers this service as a through-line in all of its service programming. The goal is to equip young adults with the skills needed to successfully transition through the stages of life.

Recreational Programing

Through a wide range of communal, solitary, active and passive, healthy recreational activities such as but not limited to engaging the arts, sporting events, hiking trails, community service projects and more, young adults are exposed to diverse cultural experiences that provides them with a greater understanding of themselves and the cultures that surround them.

Summer Programming

Over the course of 10 weeks throughout the summer months of June, July and August, G.E.M.’s mission of informing, interacting, and inspiring young adults is lived out through recreational and educational outings. Once weekly groups of mentors and mentees travel to different fun and exploring adventures to become exposed, learn, and grow together. The goal is exposure.

Special Projects

G.E.M. has been very fortunate to be involved in special projects through partnerships and other forms of collaboration. The goal is to be transparent in services and building successful partnerships.

Theft 3 Pilot Project

Birthed out of the appointed King County Juvenile Justice Equity Steering Committee (JJESC) by the Executive of King County Mr. Dow Constantine is the Theft 3 Pilot Project. The project brings three unique organizations together to help lower the number and hopefully all together do away with juvenile referrals for charges coming from Westfield Mall in Tukwila Washington. Police officers can now divert shoplifting and other low-level cases to one of three providers: Horn of Africa (South Seattle), Safe Futures (West Seattle), and or G.E.M. (Kent-South King County). The goal is to reduce the number of filings on young adults, by diverted them into successfully community based programming that aim to redirect young adults energy.


Service Menu and Program Overview Mission Statement The Glover EmpowerMentoring Program is a community based nonprofit organization that offers mentoring to young adults in an around Kent WA and South […]

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When you shop at, Amazon donates! This link will take you directly to G.E.M. so you won’t have to search for us! FAQs: Can I use my existing Amazon.comaccount on […]

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Founder / Steering Committee

  Glover EmpowerMentoring Steering Committee Biographies  GEM Board Members The Board provides the necessary guidance and support to help ensure the success of the program.  These individuals represent different aspects […]

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Glover EmpowerMentoring programs offer young people education, job skills, personal development opportunities, leadership skills, and a chance to direct their lives more positively. G.E.M. mentors provide support to mentees as […]

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